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Debate 2

Debate 2 - Tattoos & Piercings

6th February 2019

Debate – 2


6th February 2018


'Tattoos & Piercings'


Discussion points:

What is an “appropriate” tattoo – are they appropriate and can they be covered up?

Which professions should/shouldn’t be allowed tattoos?

  • Lawyers and people who have to demonstrate and respect social norms and to not lean towards favouritism.

It is based on individuality and that person’s personality.

If a tattoo has a meaning then this should be respected regardless of whether it offends someone else. People may become more offended because they don’t know that there is a meaning behind the other persons’ tattoo.

What is an extreme tattoo/piercing?

  • These appear more prominent and on a person’s face. More facial tattoos are related to gang cultures and can be seen on music artists like rappers etc. 
  • There can be a health/safety issue with more extreme piercings
  • Due to society’s “norms” extreme tattoos can lead to people being judged to easily
  • Certain jobs/employers have restrictions on extreme tattoos and piercings due to its representation of the company

Does having an inappropriate tattoo show a level of irresponsibility due to not look towards future prospects and how a decision make affect their future?


Observations of the debate:

All students and staff had their own individual perceptions and opinions of the topic

Due to tattoos and piercings being such a personal decision and opinion it was a difficult for some to agree or appreciate other’s opinions.

There appeared to be a clear separation between adults perceptions of “social-norms” than students where students preferred a more “each to their own” opinion.