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Debate 1

Debate 1 - Supersize vs Superskinny

9th January 2019

Debate – 1


9th January 2018


Supersize vs Superskinny


Discussion points:

Health Impacts – visial and non-visual

Appearances – how this can impact on jobs and relationships - Does being supersized or superskinny impact on job opportunities – are people discriminated against for their appearance?

Adding weight vs losing weight and which is easier

Lifestyles and habits

Cultural differences – African cultures see larger people as wealthy and successful. Western culture and the expansion of fast food and convenience

Advertisement and marketing can influence decisions

Personalised Opinions

Is it easier or more difficult for men and women?


Observations of the debate:

It was around 50/50 of whether people were talking over the top of each other against listening to each other’s points

More people appeared to listen more attentively when people shared their own experiences

It appeared people found it difficult to stick to their own side of the argument. It appeared easier to understand both sides of the argument

It was positive to see people asked additional questions to extend the argument and deepen the argument.