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Debate 3

Debate 3

13th February 2019

Discussion points:


The medical benefits with the NHS vs the illicit elements of the drug. Students are given CBD oil to “keep them calm”.

Has anyone died from Cannabis? Is it the side effects of cannabis that cause incidences and death rather than the practice of smoking/taking Cannabis?

It is seen as a gateway drug to other drugs. It becomes the norm for people and they do not get the same level of effect and therefore seek other drugs.

Younger school age people are underage and are not mature enough to deal with the consequences of taking the drug.

The cost of the drug is high – People can go on ‘tick’ which can cause a risk of them being assaulted for owing more and not paying it back. Other may steal things to fund their need for the drug.

The long term health impacts of taking the drug:

  • Schitzophrenia
  • Depression
  • Sleep difficulties
  • Paranoia

Long term impacts are not considered due to the short term gains.

Discussion around legalising this and the impact it has on driving under the influence of drugs.

People have different tolerance and could cause serious harm.

Policing the drug would change from identifying who is taking the illegal drug and the crime related to it, to then policing incidences due to taking the drug similar to that of alcohol.