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Aims, Ethos & Vision

Aims, Ethos & Vision

Aims, Ethos & Vision

At SESN our main Aims are - 

  • To reinvigorate education and its purpose for young people
  • Offer a bespoke, innovative curriculum based on the ‘Big Picture Learning’ methods
  • Promote an open, modern learning environment
  • Provide a multi support framework around the young person by creating a centralised hub
  • Engage students through vocational and enterprise learning and work experience  
  • Encourage ownership and responsibilities
  • Include young people in the local community and community initiatives
  • Develop a structured transition plan for our students  to create continuation into FE education
  • Remove labels that our young people feel that they have or have been given. We believe ‘labels’ can set limits on what students aim to achieve. By deploying the right support and resources SESN aim to make a significant difference. 




To work with every young person based on the needs and interests of each individual and direct them towards a more open mindset with self belief and an appetite to develop and progress. We will offer a more creative and innovative educational environment which encourages young people to engage and strive for success. To fulfil the young person’s ability to face life’s challenges, explore uncertainties and achieve their potential we have to create those conditions within their education. No young person will be refused SESN support and each young person will be provided with an education which does not narrow their capabilities, but explores and heightens them.


Aims, Ethos & Vision


SESN envision a new creative, revolutionary educational provision to bring about more positive engagement and sustainable changes in a young person’s educational journey.

SESN will bring about a fresh, brighter, worthwhile education establishment which will accommodate young people who have social, emotional and behavioural difficulties and empower them to take control of their education, their future prospects and their lifestyle.


Additional to this vision include:

  • Providing a responsive, consistent supportive framework enabling the accommodation of social, emotional and behavioural difficulties.
  • Providing a different perspective on alternative education.
  • To remove a compliance culture
  • Changing the mindset of our young people but also improve the views and stigmas that others and local communities have on young people with social, emotional and behavioural difficulties